When you get stuck, tangled up in fear, and can't get out of your own way it's because you can't be authentic. What scares you the most: The fear of rejection or the fear of failure?

Authenticity means simply being "you" without the worries of others' expectations. It's about letting go of the pretenses, peeling away the layers and taking the risk of revealing yourself. "Authenticity" is a constant journey. Some of your greatest discoveries in finding your authenticity will be when your caught in a struggle with yourself or bumping up against roadblocks. That's when you need to look in the mirror.

"Getting comfortable in your own skin" is basic but not simple. The road to Authenticity is an ongoing process which paves the way for health, happiness and prosperity. By letting go of fears and expectations, and getting to know yourself, you will define your own road map, develop your own style and become you own best leader. As you move closer toward your authentic self, you will discover a new sense of freedom, the freedom to "be".


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